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Make a jQuery photo gallery

December 12, 2012

how to make a simple beginners jquery image gallery for your web page, from with our web designer David C. Subscribe , we will be uploading more videos on web design, business, marketing, photography, and graphic design from several…

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working with div and css Fresno website and mobile development

December 10, 2012

FUNdamentals behind making a website <div> </div> that right there is a block and content can go with in it such as <div> hello world!!! </div> a <div> can be styled using CSS which stands for cascading style sheets which…

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We have delayed the blog long enough

Good morning everyone! My name is David Castillo Founder of this beautiful business we call Vortal. I have many people waiting for a blog in which they can read of our regular updates, but also learn about how to web…

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