Vortal is an upcoming design, development and marketing firm launched by a team, eager to serve our immediate and extended communities throughout The Valley of San Joaquin, as well as across the Golden State. We have modestly established Vortal through true, grassroots marketing. Our team has eagerly and happily introduced itself to the community, establishing VortalMe as the all-around go to provider of design, development, marketing and branding services.
Although Vortal is a fairly new business entity to its corresponding industries, our team is far from this. Composed of passionate and professionally skilled individuals, the VortalMe team had, before the fact, already gained a reputation for quality work through freelance design and development. Our dedicated team will aid you in acquiring that unique advantage you seek over your competition.

Established as a one stop shop for web development and branding, Vortal offers custom and professional grade products with clients in mind. We strive to cater to the specific needs of clients and through this, realize uniquely attractive and functional results executed flawlessly, the very first time.

Vortal is simply not a short term and or small scale business venture. Vortal is a dream made reality. However, this simple fact does not signify that we will settle for what we currently are. Here at Vortal, we strive day after day, project after project, to be the innovating entity that we envision.

Our passion for what we do transfers into our services

Our Philosophy

Offer clients competitive prices  for professional quality work on their (website design), app development, and branding/marketing projects in order to be found and be heard.our job is to set up our clients with an optimized fully prepped foundation in order to build their brand.
we help companies avoid paying tons of money for a weak foundation, by getting the job done right the first time.

Our Mission

Allow our clients the ideal foundation for a successful brand, by providing affordable, and most important, high quality products that will allow clients on any budget scale, the upper hand in competition on the market.

Our Vision

We are aiming to innovate the way our clients audience and the general population use the internet to communicate and change how they conduct day to day tasks with our upcoming applications.
We are striving on becoming the dominating branding entity in our immediate area and to spread out and open locations with in new markets.

We aim to innovate how our clients’ audience utilizes online business communication and more specifically, how they manage everyday tasks with our upcoming advanced applications. Our immediate goal includes becoming a dominating branding entity within our region, and to gain momentum in various new markets in need of professional consulting.

Our Team

David C.

David C.

Founder / Developer

Awesome guy, Likes development, technology, and networking.
Fun note: David has been on a fitness mission for 6 months

Chris O.

Chris O.

Creative Director

Great designer!

Paola L.

Paola L.

Social Media Coordinator

Likes building valuable client relations.

Edgardo G.

Edgardo G.

Admin. Advisor

Edgardo has helped advise and Co-find other Ventures of David.
Currently working on employee out reach program for one of the biggest Peach Growers in the United States.

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