Home opportunities

We are looking for Independent Sales Representatives for:

  • Web development
  • Mobile application development

Sales Reps. Should:

  1. Be Professional
  2. Have track record of good sales
  3. Must be able to pitch Websites
  4. Must be able to pitch iPhone Apps
  5. Must be able to effectively communicate Verbally
  6. Must be able to drive from client and to our Vortal Office (If out of town you may phone and teleconference)


This position is based on a contract which is commission base.
Base commission vary on type of sale $170 – $800 dollar commission per unit sold

Please contact us by email David@vortal.me with a resume and or track record.



[column type=”one_third” last=”no”][title size=”18″]Our Philosophy[/title]

Offer clients competitive prices  for professional quality work on their (website design), app development, and branding/marketing projects in order to be found and be heard.

our job is to set up our clients with an optimized fully prepped foundation in order to build their brand.

we help companies avoid paying tons of money for a weak foundation, by getting the job done right the first time.

[/column] [column type=”one_third” last=”no”][title size=”18″]Our Mission[/title]

to provide affordable quality designs. In order for those without the huge budget, can compete in a market in which perception is everything.

No project is to small or to big for us to tackle.

[/column] [column type=”one_third” last=”yes”][title size=”18″]Our Vision[/title]

We are aiming to innovate the way our clients audience and the general population use the internet to communicate and change how they conduct day to day tasks with our upcoming applications.
We are striving on becoming the dominating branding entity in our immediate area and to spread out and open locations with in new markets.