Client Relation Management & Analytics

We all love new business coming in through our doors, I don’t think many would disagree unless you have to much business coming through and if thats is the case please spread the love.. In all seriousness you might be looking to expand or maybe start outsourcing.
What I come on here to write is how to make the best out of the few or many clients that come through our doors. Information we would ideally want is a given.

  1. Who referred you
  2. How did you find us
  3. What routs did you take to contact us(what links did they go through on your page to finally decide to give you a call)

Those are the most basic important points that you would like information from for many reasons, maybe to thank who ever referred you a new client or maybe to compensate them in some form, thus they continue giving you referrals,  also you would like to know what they saw on your page first and how much time they spent on any given page, that way you can track whats popular and whats creating conversions on your website.

Fresno Website OptimizationThis is something that can be accomplished with Google Anlytics which is a great free tool to utilize to gather important valuable marketing information such as: Pages visited, duration of visit, hierarchy of click through, click through and conversion ratio, location of visits, types of devices that where used, and times of visits and much more information.
Since we are in the subject of retrieving analytical data, please do remember that social platforms such as Facebook also has its own version of Analytics, might not be as refined as that of googles but you still can retrieve valuable information such as age groups, gender, location, cities of your interacting audience, one awesome feature is that you can actually view if people had interactions with your public posts. You might need someone to help you get started and consulting you on how to break down the data or to even tell you what it all means in simple sentences  and for that we are here for you.

Now that we know how to manage incoming traffic  and we know where its coming from, we are set forth looking for new ways to bring in traffic or even better, bring in returning business. This is done by making it simple for clients to be able to communicate them selfs with you or your business in a seamless smooth transaction method. What do I mean by transaction method? what better way than example?

You allow this new source of traffic to be a communication tool between you and your clients. A CRM app will let your clients, and leads communicate with you in a matter of seconds with some taps from a thumb, this will empower your audience to ask for support, and submit new work orders not only that but it allows for them to leave valuable feedback. A CRM will also empower you as the business owner to update your audience with valuable time sensitive information and other updates such as, news, portfolios, and discounts.

Effective Client Relation Management involves two way communication, which is made simple with seamless channels and an understanding of how your traffic is being directed.